A little poem about myself

I don’t know what it means to be beautiful,

but I have loved myself…

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I don’t know what it means to be beautiful, 

But I have always loved myself even in the darkest days and night,

I have kept myself silent for so long now that I have forgotten how to smile and be myself,

Despite through the darkest days, I have always loved myself and my insecurities.


When I look in the mirror, I see the reflection of the sun and the moon in me

You know why? 

Because I have always loved myself even in the darkest days and night, knowing that it will pass like some sort of phase of a moon,

And I have always moved on and learnt to accept my flaws,

Because I have always been a free-spirited being and do know how and when to move on just like the sun and the moon (day n’ night). 


I don’t know what it means to be beautiful, 

But I felt beautiful inside anyways like the moon,

Shimmering and shining brightest on the darkest days ~ on its own terms with imperfections,

Yet learning to accept the phase like the ever-evolving moon.





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(This is my very first poem) 🙂



By: Amrita Bartaula

Life’s all about knowing…

Life’s all about knowing…

Pain to know the pleasure;

Sadness to know the happiness;

Losing to know the winning;

Hate to know the love;

Rejection to know the acceptance;

Weak to know the strong;

Hard to know the easy;

Fail  to know the pass;

Problem to know the solution;

Fall apart to know the backup;

Atheist to know the faith;

Loneliness to know the togetherness;

And darkness to know the light. Related image

By: Amrita Bartaula

My journey in reading a literature (fictions and non-fictions)* ^_^

(This was my first blog posted from 2014) ~

Don’t know where to begin? I didn’t even knew I could be a good reader someday. Before I had a false hope, expectation, and procrastination that was build up inside me. I was not taking advantage of great books written by great minds to enhance my skills and abilities. But things had started to change lately and I love to read books (any genre) now more than ever.


My first journey on reading books was from 2014 ~ AS SWEET AS HONEY.
I find this book very engaging, in terms of my own childhood experiences because I can relate so many themes from this book. It also brings me some of my childhood days experiences and vivid playful memories with my friends. At first, I didn’t want to read this book but later I was convinced that I should at least have a peek at it and that’s when the trigger began…LOL…And once I finished this book, I realized how much productive I can be just by reading a book and be in a different realm (fantasy world). At the end, I was wrong about the cover of this book – “Don’t judge a book by its cover” – which turns out to be really impressive and fantastic.

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(This is my 1st book that I started my journey of reading books in 2014)

I will soon post about my new read books in the coming days.

By: Amrita Bartaula

I would rather…

I would rather walk alone than walk with the crowds who treat me like a shit*.

Born alone, die alone.

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By: Amrita Bartaula



What are hopes without a dream? 

What are hopes without an ambition? 

What are hopes without a passion?

What are hopes without a goal?

What are hopes without a struggle?

What are hopes without a commitment?

Once you have a hope and a burning desire, you will never ever give up in life. Because hope knows no fear, boundaries, and or limitations. I know, it’s not always easy to wait but a man should have a hope in their heart to achieve anything and gain satisfaction out of their life.

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By: Amrita Bartaula

Lost and Found

Lost n’ Found

First there is darkness in the clouds, followed by white, silvery, cotton-like candies mixed with black shadows. And just like that, we all get lost in this world full of illusions (maya) trying to find our better-selves that’s hidden like a mask under a tree.

You couldn’t see but I was lost for a long, long time and actually longer than I have thought; not realizing that time has passed like a minute, an hour, a month which became a year ago. As you get lost in this world of maya, you gradually and involuntarily lose happiness, hopes, dreams, and voice that was once inside you. To sum up, losing yourself is undeniably a biggest life tragedy which is hard to heal.

But lest we forget, the seasons are ever-changing and fluctuating at constant intervals. And then the seasons of love reappears, bringing back with immense of happiness, hopes, dreams, and voice that was once inside you. I have now gradually and undeniably found my long-lost soul. 🙏

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May 2018 – Spring 🌸🌸🌸 (Pink Flower, Cherry Blossom or Sakura) @Toronto, CA










By: Amrita Bartaula